Ciara: Exposed!

The Tomboy, The Sex Symbol & The Woman.

It is official, after taking a few years off to do modeling, endless red carpet appearances, high fashion spreads and enjoy her success, Ciara is back and she is better than ever! Not that she has ever disappointed, ever since her No. 1 debut single “Goodies” we just cant get enough of this triple threat. She can sing, she can dance and she can take one heck of a picture. Not only that, but Ciara took a shot at rapping and she is good! (“Basic Instinct”) This girl might just take over the world. Not only is she one heck of an entertainer but I find that this young woman is also quite the role model—at least for me. By nature women are metamorphic, a little bipolar and quite complicated. I think it is safe to say, that like Ciara, most women have different sides. Sometimes we want to be boyish like a boy, and sometimes we want to be sexy and show off our goodies but after all we are just looking for a little love, sex and magic.

Unlike so many ‘newbies’ to the business tryna make it, Ciara has yet to conform to the ‘Hollywood Norm’ as I like to call it. Yes, she is sexy and specially in this new video “Ride”, she is selling it and milking those erotic dance moves for all their worth, BUT she is also athletic, sweet, down to earth and somewhat of a ….tomboy? If you guys take a trip down memory lane, Ciara has always pushed the “boy” look. In “Like a Boy” she looks like a man almost the entire time (a very cute one might I add—weird!) and even in her very sexy music video for “Promise” she does her dance routine in very baggy sweats and hoodie. It is clear that she has cleaned up some since she first came in the scene, the girl can rock a dress and stilettos very well, but she has also remained herself. I can’t say she has changed much as a person or as an artist since her first album. You can tell Ciara is very confident and comfortable in her own skin despite all the crazy rumors that she was born a “hermaphrodite”. And even after her infamous relationship with Bow Wow, she has managed to stay graceful, poised and out of the tabloids–which nowadays is quite admirable.

My appreciation for Ciara comes from a place way deeper than just music admiration. Growing up, I remember always having issues with my height. I was always in the back of the line in elementary school and still am the tallest of almost all my family members and friends, including guys. Yes, it’s really bad. I always felt awkward and uncomfortable. I didn’t feel sexy and normal like the other girls in their 5inch stilettos who still managed to be shorter than their boyfriends, instead I felt manly and intimidating. When Ciara first debuted as an artist back when she was only 17 years old, I was instantly intrigues by her. I would hear her speak about her own issues as a teenager because of her height. I found that her and I had similar insecurities and concerns; one being that it is hard trying to be girly and sexy when your skinny jeans fit like capri pants and heels make you look like a giant. But I also realized that she is a beautiful girl, she exudes an elegance that is magnetic—lets just agree that it is hard to not notice her. It was then that I started to accept myself for what I look like and I learned that being different is not “awkward” it is beautiful. After all, beauty does come in all different shapes and sizes. If we all looked the same magazines would be boring and nobody would ever get compliments! The horror! Some girls are short and beautiful like Kim Kardashian (she is 5’2) and some are tall and elegant like Tyra Banks, Kate Moss and Ciara herself.

Ciara definitely has my vote not only because I can relate to her in that we are freakishly tall (she is 5’9, I am 5’8)—but because she knows how to be womanly and drop dead gorgeous in her own way, whether it is in cornrows and size 16 Jordan Throwbacks or a long weave and a curve-hugging little black dress, this woman is effortlessly beautiful, different and she makes NO apologies for none of the above.

“To me, everyone wants to be like the other. My whole thing is find yourself, love you for who you are and do what you do your way.” — Ciara


2 thoughts on “Ciara: Exposed!

  1. o-m-g, this was fab!!! 5'8? get real you are not that tall – 6'1 is decent for a man, and TALL for a woman!, maybe if you chose taller friends you wouldnt feel so tall!

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